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May 10

The politics of human heredity in the USSR, 1920-1940

The politics of human heredity in the USSR, 1920-1940

Adams MB.
Department of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 19104-6310.


After the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, Iurii Filipchenko (in Petrograd) and Nikolai Koltsov (in Moscow) created centers of genetic research where eugenics prospered as a socially relevant part of the new “experimental” biology. The Russian Eugenics Society, established in 1920, was dominated by research-oriented professionals. However, Bolshevik activists in the movement tried to translate eugenics into social policies (among them, sterilization) and in 1929, Marxist geneticist Alexander Serebrovsky was stimulated by the forthcoming Five-Year Plan to urge a massive eugenic program of human artificial insemination. With the advent of Stalinism, such attempts to “biologize” social phenomena became ideologically untenable and the society was abolished in 1930. Three years later, however, a number of eugenicists reassembled in the world’s first institute of medical genetics, created by Bolshevik physician Solomon Levit after this return from a postdoctoral year in Texas with H.J. Muller. Muller himself moved to the Soviet Union in 1933, where he agitated for eugenics and wrote Stalin in 1936 to urge an artificial insemination program. Shortly thereafter, Muller left Russia, several of his colleagues were shot, and the Institute of Medical Genetics was disbanded. During the next three decades, Lysenkoists regularly invoked the Soviet eugenic legacy to claim that genetics itself was fascist.


May 10

Mexican Female Sterilization

From The Economist

Today, four out of ten married Mexican women are sterilised, a radical measure that partly reflects the continuing lack of other contraception in some areas as well as strict laws against abortion everywhere but the capital.

H/T Tyler Cowen

May 10

Drug Addicts Are Getting Sterilized for Cash

[A] North Carolina–based charity that gives drug addicts $300 if they go on long-term birth control or undergo sterilization. [...]

Established in 1997, Project Prevention has so far worked with 3,371 addicts in the U.S. Of those, 1,253 have opted for a tubal ligation or vasectomy.


Jan 10

Tessa Savicki Forcibly Sterilized

(Forced) eugenical thought has been bubbling closer and closer to the Zeitgeist for some time now. And has even gone mainstream, once again.

Here’s another example of it….

Tessa Savicki wanted to take control of her reproductive life. On December 19th, 2006, Savicki instructed doctors to insert an IUD after she delivered her ninth child. Instead, the doctors elected to forcibly sterilize her on the operating table.
What would motivate doctors to do this? The article explains her circumstances:

Savicki has nine children from several men, is unemployed and relies on public assistance for two of the four children who live with her. She receives supplemental security income, or SSI, for a disability, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, she said. Her mother has custody of three of her children. Two of her children are no longer minors.

There are currently over 950 comments on the article, and the first few pages are generally uniform condemnations of “welfare queens” and praise for the doctors’ actions.

(Emphasis mine.)