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Jan 10

More on not getting a Ph.D., or bothering with anything past undergrad

More on not getting a Ph.D.

I’m a great believer in the benefits of an undergraduate education when it’s done right (which is rarely). But grad school is a different matter entirely: the opportunity costs are much higher, the amount of debt involved rises substantially, and the range of jobs you can do at the end of it in many ways goes down rather than up.
Right now, a lot of people are thinking of going back to school, just because unemployment is high and well-paying jobs are hard to find. But anybody doing that should be very careful indeed about the debts they’re racking up. They could end up hurting much more than any degree will help.


Jan 10

Don’t get a Ph.D.

John Hawks points me to an article whose moral can be summed up with this quote…

It’s hard to tell young people that universities recognize that their idealism and energy — and lack of information — are an exploitable resource. For universities, the impact of graduate programs on the lives of those students is an acceptable externality, like dumping toxins into a river.