Autistics Have A Normally Functioning Mirror Neuron System

I’m not surprised by these results. (I was skeptical of the theory that suggested it wasn’t functioning normally, for various reasons.)

Basically, some people had a theory that autistics had a dysfunction in their mirror neuron system. This evidence is evidence against that theory.

From ScienceDaily

A team of neuroscientists has found that the mirror neuron system, which is thought to play a central role in social communications, responds normally in individuals with autism. Their findings, reported in the journal Neuron, counter theories suggesting that a mirror system dysfunction causes the social difficulties exhibited by individuals with autism.
These results, they conclude, argue strongly against the “dysfunctional mirror system hypothesis of autism” because they show that mirror system areas respond normally in individuals with autism.

The actual paper this is from is: "Normal Movement Selectivity in Autism", by Ilan Dinsteinsend, Cibu Thomas, Kate Humphreys, Nancy Minshew, Marlene Behrmann, and David J. Heeger.

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