Want Attractive Women? Then Be Seen With Attractive Women!

Seems the trend is that, men benefit from being seen with an attractive woman and suffer from being seen with an unattractive one.

(One caveat I should add is that my impression is that what women tend to think makes an attractive/unattractive women is different than what men tend to think makes an attractive/unattractive women. Although, from reading this, it didn’t seem clear if this point was considered.)

Sigmund Freud famously confessed he had no idea what women want. Charles Darwin, however, had a hunch. He thought that women, like other creatures, want to propagate their genes. Where it gets interesting is how they figure out what kind of man to look for. Sure, most women like a man who is sincere and able to make them laugh, but the story gets more complicated. Women’s preferences vary over their menstrual cycle and whether they are looking for a short-term mate or a long-term partner, which, in turn, also depends on the time in the menstrual cycle. When looking for a short-term mate, women can use visual cues such as his shoulder-to-waist ratio, the angularity of his face, or the presence of facial hair. [...]

A woman looking for a good [long-term] man can use the old conformity heuristic. [...]

This is where choice copying in mate selection comes in. The basic idea is that females looking for a male partner are, in part, swayed by a male’s ability to attract other females. If this happens, if other women flock to some men just because other women do, two related phenomena familiar from folk psychology begin to make sense. First, as some men have noticed, their stock in the dating market paradoxically rises when they are committed; second, some women are concerned about losing their men to other, “raiding,” women.

[...] That’s the effect. A man who has been “validated” by another woman becomes more attractive. The effect is also specific. The desire to be friends with a man depends only slightly on an endorsement by another woman, and the expectation of being able to work with him as a colleague is not affected at all.

(Emphasis mine.)


It would be interesting to see if there is any “structure” among women. Do some some exhibit this herding behavior more than others?

Also, on another note, I wonder if this has to do with why guys tend not to want others to know about less attractive girls they have had a “one night stand” with or “fool around” with.

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