King Tut’s DNA, Coming Soon

One of the great remaining mysteries of ancient Egypt, the lineage of the boy-pharaoh Tutankhamun, may soon be solved [...]

Zahi Hawass told AFP he has scheduled a news conference for February 17 [2010] in the Cairo Museum to unveil the findings from DNA samples taken from the world’s most famous pharaoh.

The announcement will be “about the secrets of the family and the affiliation of Tutankhamun, based on the results of the scientific examination of the Tutankhamun mummy following DNA analysis,” Hawass said.


After this question is answered though, the question then becomes, was King Tut representative of Egyptians in general? And what was the Egyptian royalty (genetically) like before him?

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  1. King Tut’s DNA – NOT coming soon.

    They have not released the haplogroups of any of the mummies.

    Gee, I (and the rest of the world) wonder why.

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