Man Brutally Beaten By Vancouver Police

With the 2010 Olympics set to take places soon, the world’s eyes’ are on Vancouver city, on the west coast of Canada. A report in the National Post tells a horrific story of a brutal beating of a Vancouver man — Yao Wei — by plainclothes Vancouver police who showed up at his front door. The worst of it is that Yao Wei wasn’t even the person they were looking for. (They were knocking on the wrong door!) Yao Wei did not resist arrest, but was still brutally beat by Vancouver police.

A 44-year-old man whose face was left swollen and battered after he was arrested in a case of mistaken identity did not resist arrest, Vancouver police said yesterday — contradicting an earlier version of events offered by police.
The officers apparently didn’t realize there were two suites in the home and the complainant was actually Mr. Wu’s tenant, who lives in a ground-floor suite.
“The cops didn’t ask clearly — not even ID me or anything — before they started beating me,” Mr. Wu said through a translator to the Ming Pao newspaper.
Mr. Wu said that before he could ask who the officers at his door were, he was dragged outside and beaten.

“My T-shirt was torn,” Mr. Wu said. “I was beaten for quite a while before I was handcuffed. [I] felt pain to my head and body. When I touched my head and face with my hands … I felt my hands were all wet … they were full of blood.”
Yesterday at a news conference, police said in a statement that Mr. Wu did not resist the officers.

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